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Communication in a Crisis
Continuing Professional Development

Communication in a Crisis is a one-day scenario-based, immersive, media training course for up to 6 delegates.

It is designed to give Headteachers and their senior leadership teams an understanding of how the modern media works, and the skills to respond effectively should their school become the centre of a media storm. Mobile phone technology, social media and live streaming platforms have radically changed the way the press report news stories. An organisation’s reputation can now be damaged irreparably very rapidly. Delegates learn how to avoid the pitfalls, maintain control of the media during a crisis, and minimise reputational damage. .

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The course includes:

  • The digital media landscape and how that affects an organisation’s response
  • Why it is important to engage with the media
  • How contact with the media can affect the reputation of the organisation
  • How to manage the media in a crisis.
Head and shoulders portrait of iSusan Blackburn

Delegates learn:

  • What the media want
  • How to negotiate with journalists to maintain control of the interview situation
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to stay in control during the interview
  • How to plan a social media strategy during a crisis and how to engage safely with social media.

They practise:

  • How to do a pre-recorded/print interview
  • How to do a down-the-line interview
  • How to do a live studio interview
  • How to perform a press conference
  • Social media strategy preparation.  

Feedback from Paul Musetti, Headteacher at St Christopher’s School, Inspired Learning Group

I felt this was a truly inspirational one day course. We were preparing for extreme situations which, hopefully, we may never face; but the course held a deeper underlying relevance.

It got me to see myself as others might see me directly (face to face) and through media and social media.

 Susan Blackburn

E :       T : 07901 868566

E :
T : 07901 868566