Media Training Courses

Every organisation has different media training needs.

Whether you require a workshop for up to 50 people, training for the senior leadership team, or intensive one-to-one training for a senior executive, I will design your course to suit your requirements exactly.

I devise the training either around a realistic scenario, or a particular issue that is dominating the media agenda in your organisation or industry/sector.

My courses include:

  • The digital media landscape and how that affects an organisation’s response
  • Why it is important to engage with the media
  • How contact with the media can affect the reputation of the organisation
  • How to manage the media in a crisis.

Delegates learn:

  • What the media want
  • How to negotiate with journalists to maintain control of the interview situation
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to stay in control during the interview
  • How to plan a social media strategy during a crisis and how to engage safely with social media.

They practise:

  • How to do a pre-recorded/print interview
  • How to do a down-the-line interview
  • How to do a live studio interview
  • How to perform a press conference
  • Social media strategy preparation.
SBP Media provides a professional camera operator, with broadcast quality equipment, which includes camera, studio lighting and a playback facility.

delegates’ feedback

I feel better prepared for my next brush with the media!

I thought the day was excellent and very useful for my role. I would highly recommend it.

Sue was very engaging.

 Susan Blackburn

E :       T : 07901 868566

E :
T : 07901 868566